Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Consulting Services

The ultimate objective of any consulting service is enhancing 415 the client’s organization performance in order to achieve its mission, vision and objectives successfully and efficiently.

The objective of our consulting services is no exception. However, our approach to enhance the organization performance is highly linked to our firm belief that enhancing the overall performance of any organization is a by-product of enhancing the performance of its major asset which is its Human Resources and enhancing the organizational issues that influence the HR performance including Mission, Vision, Objectives, Values, Structure, Systems, Work Environment, Completion and Management Style.

In the light of the above, our strategy to provide consulting service focuses on the above mentioned two dimensions.

Accordingly our methodology is to render our service in two stages:

First Stage: analyzing and assessing organizational issues that influence the HR performance level to identify area’s that need improvement, and consequently propose and implement necessary changes.

Second Stage: Develop and implement HR policies, systems and practices that support the organization objectives in attracting, retaining and motivating qualified Human Resources who are able not only to achieve the current Objectives of the organization, but to ensure its future excellence.

In order to fully achieve the objectives of any consulting services, we are committed to the following principles:

  • Provide our clients with the top practical, professional tested practices gained by our experts through their long and diversified experience and high analytical abilities.
  • Partner with our clients to ensure full understanding of their needs/ requirements and to ensure that the proposed solution satisfy such needs without sacrificing our objectivity and professionalism.
  • Build the capacity of our clients to fully participate in the process and lead the work and sustain improvements after we leave.
  • Develop execution plans, schedules and performance reporting systems to ensure that objectives of the service are met on time.
  • Provide our clients with our expertise and concurrently play the role of facilitators.
  • Keep the confidentiality of all information.
  • Develop and facilitate a change management program to introduce the proposed changes with minimum resistance and work disruption.
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Training Consultancy Services

We believe a strong synergy exists between consultancy and business development, and that our services can be used in a number of ways; as part of a continuous improvement plan, an integral part of managed projects, a facet of a nominated competent person scheme to name but a few. Consultancy must be bespoke to the business; at EAi the first stage of arriving at a consultancy package apt to the client is to undertake an initial audit or ‘health check’ of the situation. From this we are then able to produce the client a formal report detailing any failings, and more importantly suggested routes for improvement.

The Methodology & Process

Consultancy can take several forms dependent on factors such as the type and size of a company, the desired outcome and not least of all, the subject in question.

We at EAi follow a proven route for TNA which allows our clients to have a transparent view of the situation: 

1- The Training Need.

A performance issue has been identified which can be an opportunity for business improvement by human performance.

2-  Identification of Training Needs.

This stage of the process identifies the actual training need at the employee or business level. This allows the analyst to discriminate between want and the real training need.

3-  Analysis of Training Needs.

Allows the analyst and the business to determine how best the training need can be met.

4- Diagnostic.

The initial phase of the consultancy package, in which our specialists visit with potential clients and typically, will involve an audit of the client’s premises.

5-  Report Preparation.

Keeping in close contact with the nominated key persons, our consultant team will contribute to the preparation of the client report allowing the report at this stage to be completed in an accurate and expedient manner.

6-  Analysis & Report.

Post the preparation stage the detail and information thus far is analyzed and the consultancy team will provide appropriate solutions and recommendations. Report with summary findings and conclusions are submitted to the client.

7- Client Support & Interventions.

Our clients can engage the services provided by EAi at various levels, from a one off intervention, to a fully managed package of interventions, training, direct and indirect support.

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